Feeling Good App Podcast

Feeling Good are proud to announce the launch of our podcast mini series; we chose to record a podcast to help contribute to the normalisation of conversations around mental health, whilst increasing awareness of the powers of mental health skills.

In podcast #1, entitled ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’, our host Serena Steptoe chats with Feeling Good app Co-Founder Dr Sheila Ross, who offers a definition of mental health and what underpins it. There is a discussion on the barriers attending to mental health, the distinction between reactive and proactive approaches to attending to mental health, as well as some practical tips on supporting wellbeing too.

Feeling Good are proud to announce the launch of our podcast mini series. In podcast #2, entitled ‘Lived Experience of Teacher Burnout’, our host Serena Steptoe chats with Becky Tapper, an experienced English teacher sharing her lived experience of burnout. Alongside her honest account of what this experience was like for her, we talk about what burnout is, how it can be difficult to express and ways to help mitigate burnout.

In podcast #3 ‘Preventing Teacher Burnout’, Becky Tapper and Serena Steptoe continue their conversation. In this episode, Becky offers ways in which we can help ourselves prevent burnout. Becky speaks from a teacher’s perspective with some specific tips, for example, in managing marking workloads, however a lot of the tips discussed can be relevant to other work industries too. This is really important considering the high prevalence of burnout across the UK.

In podcast #4, entitled ‘Positive Mental Health Skills – Breathing’, our host Serena Steptoe chats with Dr Sheila Ross. In this podcast, we talk broadly about positive mental health skills – the attitudes towards them, and the barriers to developing them. We also talk about how we can possibly incorporate positive mental health skills into our daily lives.

We intended to discuss a variety of skills but ended up framing our whole conversation around one particular and vital skill: breathing. Dr Sheila Ross talks about the benefits of breathing and some of the science behind it. We even incorporate a brief practice of breath work.

Created and produced by Serena Steptoe

Artwork by: Ella Read (@ella.readie on instagram)

Music by Callum Govan (@wakeup on instagram) and Frankie Ogilvie (@franck_carouse on instagram).

This project has been made possible by a grant from Localgiving and People’s Postcode Trust, a grant-giving charity funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.