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Feeling Good for Workplace

The estimated cost of mental ill health to UK employers each year is approximately 40 billion pounds. Prevention and early intervention methods are essential; don’t wait until problems arise.

Using Feeling Good to support your staff has benefits for everyone.

When we started in the NHS in 2002 we worked with staff (doctors and nurses) to support their patients’ use of the programme. We soon found that many of the staff were using it for their own benefit, finding it a great tool not just for feeling less anxious and sleeping better, but for increasing their concentration and focus, and increasing their engagement at work.

The origins in Olympic sport means that there is no stigma in using Feeling Good, after all, you might be using it to improve your tennis or golf or make a presentation at work (many do).

How does mental health impact an organisation?


of sufferers are more likely to get into conflict with colleagues.


find it harder to juggle multiple tasks.


find it difficult to concentrate.


take longer to do tasks.

  • Feeling Good's NHS-endorsed Positive Mental Training is a research backed audio programme with proven positive impacts on social & emotional skills, perceptions of self, motivation, and resilience, which can benefit your staff and your organisation.
  • Workplace mental health interventions can be amazingly positive and can generate a return on investment of up to 800%, improving productivity, staff engagement, and customer satisfaction, while reducing absenteeism and turnover.
  • Our packages offer a range of facilities and advice for companies who are thinking of supporting their employees. These include Feeling Good posters, Occupational Health webinars, access to our highly rated online learning modules, and bespoke codes for free app access. Data security means no-one can be identified from code use, but we are able to track numbers and outcomes.
  • Self-determination, which is increased by using Positive Mental Training (see ‘How Does It Work?’), increases sense of purpose and meaning, and increases engagement with work, and creativity.
  • Positive Mental Training has been shown to significantly decrease occupational burnout and increase quality of life, particularly vitality. Feel more alive and sleep better!
  • See our occupational research here.

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Feeling Good helps organisations by supporting staff through offering a safe, anonymous, and effective Positive Mental Training programme, widely used within the NHS for increasing wellbeing and positive outlooks while aiding recovery from stress, worry, and low mood.


Invest in your staff’s health and wellbeing today with Feeling Good

If you’re interested in implementing Feeling Good in your organisation as part of your wellbeing approach, we would love to hear from you.