Building mental strength through compassion and empowerment.
Feeling Good is used in the NHS, Higher & Further Education, Schools, and the Workplace.

‘Anyone can benefit from building resilience, like they do from brushing their teeth’

Our evidence-based Positive Mental Training programme delivered by the Feeling Good App is part of NHS provision for patients to help recovery from emotional distress. It is also used by many NHS staff to help better manage their own stress to have better sleep, wellbeing and resilience.

Listen to GP Dr Jo Gardiner and patient, Police Officer Kevin McGhee, talk about the Feeling Good app with Janice Forsyth BBC Radio Scotland’ 20.07.20

At Feeling Good we're on a mission to give younger people the skills and tools to proactively manage their mental health, so they can build a more resilient mindset to help them face today's challenges and thrive.

Feeling Good won the Supporting Student Wellbeing Award at The Herald Higher Education Awards in 2019 for our work at Edinburgh University. Offering students & staff free access to our NHS endorsed Positive Mental Training Programmes.

Are your staff burnt out or fired up?

Feeling Good wellbeing package can benefit your business by helping inspire a passion and purpose in your employees; increasing energy, motivation, and productivity; allowing your organisation to be more focussed, efficient, and creative.