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Increase wellbeing & resilience to stress

Feeling Good offers Positive Mental Training audio programmes based on scientific research which can help you feel better, lift your mood and recover from stress, anxiety and depression by building resilience and developing positive feelings.


Trusted by doctors & nurses in the NHS

Olympic sports mind coaching techniques

Based on Olympic sports psychology, Positive Mental Training consists of specifically developed audio tracks, incorporating breathing, positive reappraisal and visualisation techniques.


Using Feeling Good can alleviate the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress

By following Feeling Goods Positive Mental Training programmes, you can develop the skills to build positive feelings, self-esteem and self-confidence. After only 4 weeks many people feel much better reporting sleeping better, feeling more relaxed and less stressed with a significant improvement in their mental health.


Why use Feeling Good?

  • Increased wellbeing & positive mindset
  • Sleep better & worry less
  • Reduces depression & stress
  • See problems as challenges
  • Increased vitality & self-esteem

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What People Say

"The ease of the app allows it to be used anytime any place."

"I am able to sleep a lot better"

"Feeling more in control and noticing that I am coping successfully and can make my own decisions"

"It has helped alleviate my depression and lack of self confidence"

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