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"We're extremely grateful to be able to offer our community access to the feeling good app to support their mental health all year round. As a new charity having additional resources such as the app to offer our clients and community is always reassuring to us".

Olivia Weigel

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“It has been almost 20 years since Alastair and Sheila teamed up to create the Positive Mental Training programme for mental health and depression recovery in the NHS. Since then, the impact their work, and team, has had on improving mental health throughout the UK has continued to grow ever stronger. The Foundation for Positive Mental Health and Feeling Good are increasing resilience, motivation and goal setting through their apps and techniques; all of which are tools to develop positive mental health training.


Having visited over 400 universities, colleges, specialist colleges, charities and schools throughout the UK over the past decade, I have seen first-hand that it is vital for young adults, students and staff, who are struggling with mental health challenges, to receive expert support, advice and coping mechanisms; especially when the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded existing mental health issues.


There needs to be a collaborative approach to address young adult mental health throughout the UK and I am delighted that a special relationship has been forged between the British Inspiration Trist (BRIT) and both The Foundation for Positive Mental Health and Feeling Good.  By championing and raising awareness of each other’s work, I hope we can engage, and signpost, students and staff at every UK university, college and specialist college to use the Feeling Good app and take part in the annual BRIT Challenge.


I encourage every university and college to partner with Feeling Good in order to provide the Feeling Good app free to their students so that they have a positive mental health tool available should they ever need it."

Phil Packer, MBE

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"We love that this app is accessible to both students & staff at the university and can be used at any time! The app has been really popular so far and is a great add on to our existing wellbeing support"

Briony Hunt

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“The Feeling Good app has been one of the best received member benefits with our Advancing Eve community and we are delighted to be working with Sheila and the team to support emotional well-being with many women across Scotland."

Lara McGowan

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