Feeling Good Teens

Feeling Good Teens is a free app containing audios developed from our NHS-accredited adult Feeling Good app for building mental strength.

Feeling Good Teens is for 10–15-year-olds and supports development of emotional regulation, self-esteem, resilience, and goal-focused motivation.

Feeling Good Teens is available for free with the support of the Foundation for Positive Mental Health.

“I now worry about things way less and feel more relaxed because of the audios”

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Feeling Good Teens has 11 tracks, of varying length from 3 minutes to 11 minutes. Tracks help to:

  • Learn muscle relaxation
  • Calm the mind
  • Build self-confidence
  • Aid coping with exam stress
  • Enable better sleep

These age-appropriate relaxing audios combine relaxation, positive psychology, and Olympic Sports coaching techniques to build core non-cognitive skills, such as increasing self-confidence, and self-esteem. There is a short video to develop calm breathing too. Regular listening to the audio tracks builds inner mental strength, in much the same way as exercise builds muscle, so listening develops skills for life.

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The Feeling Good Teens app is an integral part of our Feeling Good for Schools programme. All the audio tracks in the Feeling Good Teens app are available completely FREE. Just download and start feeling good today!