The Feeling Good App contains a number of different audio programmes for recovery, everyday relaxation & wellbeing

Good feelings make your mind function better, improving focus & concentration, making it extremely helpful for your daily life. Good feelings also help you bounce forward from setbacks and overcome challenges in your life. This is resilience, and with repetitive listening, resilience & wellbeing will grow.

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Feeling Good For Life

12 track Positive Mental Training programme for inner strength, confidence, and recovery. An evidence-based programme used in the NHS for 15+ years, incorporating Olympic visualisation skills together with relaxation for peak mental fitness and effective recovery from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Better Sleep

Sleep is essential for rest and for sorting out the challenges of the day. Mental Training uses the mind and the body to create a better relationship with sleep; rapidly switching off tension and boosting relaxation is the best preparation for sleep.


Older Adults

We age as we expect to! Society tells us that we will inevitably decline and become frail, demented and sick. This doesn't happen with those who have a positive attitude to ageing. Break out of the negative cycle and live a longer happier life.

Quit Smoking

Working through these tracks will help you realise your goal to be a non-smoker. You should set a date to stop and hold that picture in your mind; using positive visualisations of your new self will help give you the strength to quit for good.


Download Feeling Good & start your positive mental journey today!

Which is why we have tailored our Positive Mental Training programme to fit the needs of younger minds, and created a stand-alone app: Feeling Good Teens. With active use, the programme can increase confidence, build resilience and coping skills, while aiding young people to deal with the ups and downs of life, and feel good about themselves.

This app is an integral part of our NESTA supported Feeling Good for Schools programme. All the audio tracks in the Feeling Good Teens app are available completely FREE. Just download and start feeling good today!

Download Feeling Good Teens for 10-15 year olds