Schools Research

The most prominent feature that the pupils identified was how relaxing or calming the activities and audio made them feel. Nearly two thirds of positive responses made some reference to the way
listening calmed them down, was relaxing, provided a moment of quiet, was peaceful or prepared them for the day. Pupils also described drawing on relaxation techniques, being able to reduce stress and worry and an increased capacity to cope with such feelings and difficulties.


“It was relaxing and something that you kind of looked forward to … before going to a period of learning you get a bit of…time.”

Pupil Participant 1 


The Audio Tracks 

Integral to the Feeling Good for Schools programme (FGfs) is the daily, whole class listening to audio-tracks. The audio tracks are adapted from the evidence-led, NHS-endorsed Feeling Good adult programme to suit a school context. Adaptations consisted of a younger voice, shorter tracks and a slightly modified subject matter to relate to a younger audience. Underpinning the audio-tracks are guided relaxation and positive visualisation exercises which stem from Olympic Sports training. This non-stigmatising approach equips young pupils to build resilience and positive mental wellbeing, essential skills for later life. 



“since we’ve not being doing the listening exercises, I see a difference when they come in to class, they come in to class louder,

whereas before they were coming in much calmer”