#Movember Campaign & Wellbeing and the Men’s Sheds Movement Webinar

On Tuesday 30th November 2021, we closed off our Movember campaigning with a webinar. Dr Alastair Dobbin, Feeling Good co-founder, discussed men’s mental health with Charlie Bethel, Founder of the UK Men’s Sheds Movement, hosted by Good Thinking London. Watch the full webinar here:

Throughout Movember, we also asked, ‘What does mental health mean to you?’ Here are some of the responses:

“Mental Health to me, is as important as physical health. Everyone has mental health, either good or bad, just the same as we can be physically well and unwell. I believe they are very connected and should be viewed and treated in the same regard rather than stigmatised in any way”

[Will, Head of Growth at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society]


“It’s vital that anyone who is experiencing mental health challenges in their lives has access to support and coping mechanisms. The COVID-19 pandemic has put professional mental health services under immense pressure and the Feeling Good app is a great way for students to use a positive mental health tool to assist with their wellbeing.”

[Phil Packer MBE, CEO & Founder at British Inspiration Trust]