Mental health Awareness Month – Movement

Mental Health Awareness Month:

The month of mental health awareness has been about since 1949, where it was first established as an awareness week by Clifford W. Beers in the US. This week later remained, and the whole month of May was then made for spreading awareness on mental health and breaking the stigma against it.

The Green Ribbon:

The green ribbon was first seen and associated with mental health in the 1990s, again, in the US.
It was inspired by the red ribbon for HIV/AIDS awareness. People were encouraged to wear the green ribbon to encourage opening up conversations surrounding mental health; it was also a way to show support and solidarity with those struggling with mental health issues. It serves as a beacon of, support, and understanding those affected by mental health issues. The ribbon is specifically green for a number of reasons; green is often associated with growth, renewal and hope. This is an apt for a symbol for mental health awareness and the hope for recovery and improved wellbeing. Green is also a calming and soothing colour, promoting tranquility and emotional wellbeing.

Movement: Moving More for our Mental Health

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week was movement, encouraging people to get up and move their bodies. This theme could not have been more appropriate for MHAM, it is well known that various happy hormones are released upon completion of physical activity. The most prominent hormones are endorphins, which are produced by the body in response to stress or pain (or a very successful workout!) The bind to the opioid receptors in the brain, blocking brain signals, producing feelings of euphoria and wellbeing. Endorphins contribute to feelings of pleasure and reward, often known as the ‘runners high’ after intense exercise.