Feeling Good in Ukrainian

BREAKING NEWS: the first 3 tracks in the Feeling Good app are now available in Ukrainian, for free, thanks to the Foundation for Positive Mental Health!


Just download the app and select Ukrainian or Polish as the in-app language to get the free translated tracks


These tracks are available completely free, alongside the Polish translation, in order to provide mental health and wellbeing support to Polish and Ukrainian speakers. We’re so proud of this work and hope to support as many people as possible with it!


We would love to be able to provide more tracks in Ukrainian, but for this, we need your help!


We are extremely passionate about paying our translators, two Ukrainian women displaced by the conflict, for their labour, and the Polish recording studio, and therefore are looking for some funding to enable doing this for additional tracks.


As a small charity, we are limited in the number of tracks we have been able to fund so far, but with your help we are hoping to be able to provide more tracks, to better support those who need it. If you’d like to support us to do this you can donate via this link. Just £10 can fund Translation & Recording of 1 minute of audio into Ukrainian!


Alternatively you can email us at Sheila@fpmh.org.uk for more information about funding.


“Working on translations and recording the Ukrainian version of the audio, we paid special attention to phrases like ‘peaceful’, ‘take your time’, ‘you are now in a safe place’. Those expressions instantly made me think of people in need of a safe space right now, and how they can find it through listening to the Feeling Good app. In our translations, we focused on making the message as clear and understandable as possible with our listeners in mind, many of whom may be hurt and vulnerable. Thank you to everyone involved for great teamwork and support.”

[Ania, Voice of Feeling Good App Ukrainian translation]