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On this page you can listen to the audio tracks of the Feeling Good for Life module track. These 12 tracks make up the Feeling Good for Life Positive Mental Training programme for inner strength, confidence, and recovery. Researched and used in the NHS for 15+ years, they incorporate Olympic visualisation skills together with relaxation for peak mental fitness and effective recovery from stress, anxiety, and depression. Please read the important user information.

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Important User Information

  • Do NOT drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery while using Feeling Good For Life: Audio Player
  • During the audios, you are asked to tense & release muscles. Only do what is comfortable for you.
  • Though Feeling Good can support you to develop positive mental health, it is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis & treatment.  If you have a serious mental health condition or have any health concerns please consult your doctor before using this app.


         * Your use of these tracks confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions as set out by the user agreement.

Feeling Good For Life: 12 audio-tracks

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Feeling Good for Life: Tracks Description

  1. Guided Body Relaxation

Start your Positive Mental Training here by developing deeper body relaxation & calm breathing. This is the first of 12 tracks. Relaxing the body is the foundation of calming the mind. When instructed to tense & release muscles in sequence, only do what is comfortable for you.


  1. Mindful Body Scan

Building on the previous body relaxation techniques, Mindful Body Scan takes you further into relaxation & helps you anchor the calm feelings for easy access wherever you are.


  1. Your Inner Safe Place

The pictures & visualisations in this track can further anchor a deep sense of safety helping to alleviate stress & build greater mind-body harmony, establishing a baseline for developing further mental skills.


  1. Access Deep Calm

As you master your ability to feel calm & become more relaxed, new ways to access a deep state of mental serenity will emerge. You've made it a third of the way through the programme - Well done, keep going!


  1. Self-Confidence

Independent research has shown that listening to this track helps build positive resources & fosters a more optimistic outlook.


  1. Meet Challenges

Give yourself the opportunity to calmly review challenging situations from your inner safe place.. This can help you overcome negative feelings from the past & feel more capable for the present & future.


  1. Link Mind & Body

Train your mind to steer your body to achieve your goals. Strengthening the mind-body link can be helpful to improve your physical functioning in many ways. If you have difficulty lifting your arm (as instructed in this track), simply imagine this happening or move onto the next track.


  1. Trigger the Future

Finding positive memories & feelings in your past can help you realise your strengths & bring increased happiness in your life for the present & the future.


  1. Distance & Meaning

This uplifting track helps you see new perspectives & meanings in your life, helping with your future goal plans.


  1. Increase Self-Esteem

When we accept & love ourselves, we are able to feel more relaxed & positive about ourselves & others; this is the key to good relationships. You are a wonderful person.


  1. Think Creatively

Let relaxation bring greater creativity. Creative thinking can help us to discover new solutions to life's challenges.


  1. Visualise Better Performance

Whether at work, socialising or in any situation you feel you would like to perform better, mental preparation readies your mind & body to achieve an ideal performance state with little effort. This track uses visual rehearsal, a technique often used by athletes to optimise performance.


  1. Bonus: Your Inner Advisor

An additional track using positive mental training techniques to augment your Feeling Good for Life experience.


  1. Bonus: View from the Mountain

"An additional track using positive mental training techniques to augment your Feeling Good for Life experience.



CBT Reflections

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If you want to enhance your understanding of how the Feeling Good for Life programme works, the science behind it, and apply this to your listening, we have some suggestions. Our research shows you don't need to do these exercises to gain benefit from the programme, but you may find it helpful!


Table 1 describes the Feeling Good for Life modules & how you can reflect on the skills in each track

Table 2  has strategies that can be applied to any module as you listen to the tracks – such as keeping a diary/journal, making positive statements, identifying your triggers.


We have made an activity booklet for you - editable online, just download and save it to your device, or print and fill it in.


We value your feedback - let us know if you've found these helpful or anything we need to change - please email us on  hello@feelinggood.app

Frequently Asked Questions


The Feeling Good App is for adults aged 16 & over. The core module in the app is Feeling Good for Life which contains the 12 track Positive Mental Training programme. This is evidence based & used in the NHS to help recovery from stress, anxiety & depression.
However, given its Olympic origins it has been recognised & shown in research to be good for improving resilience & wellbeing & is in frequent use by NHS professionals to help them sleep & perform at their best.
Feeling Good is here to help you get to the level you want, through recovery or through access to new mental skills to boost your concentration or confidence (be it for work, sports, fun or anything else).

Feeling Good is not recommended for those with a serious mental condition (e.g. schizophrenia or bipolar depression), unless under medical supervision.
If you are under 16 years old, adult supervision is recommended when you first start using Feeling Good.
If you have discomfort in your muscles or joints for any reason, please exercise caution when guided to tense or release your muscles.
If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor before using the Feeling Good App. Please do not change any medication you are taking without first consulting your medical practitioner.
Developed from a mental coaching programme for Olympic athletes, & incorporating the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), to lift mood & change unhelpful thoughts & behaviours, Positive Mental Training (PosMT) brings together proven therapeutic techniques of relaxation, mindfulness, visualisation & reappraisal.
Like CBT, PosMT can lift your mood & change unhelpful thoughts but does this at a non-cognitive level - upstream CBT (uCBT). PosMT works by integrating negative thoughts & memories into a positive resource, generating positive feelings.
The programmes guide deep muscular relaxation, calm breathing & mental quiet, thereby establishing calm, security & safety in mind & body. You are then able to safely re-examine the past, find new interpretations & create new positive visions for the future.
We know that positive coping memories are the key to our resilience & this PosMT can help you find these (even thought you might not feel you have any at the moment!). Want to understand more? We’d recommend watching the animation below, it’ll give you more context of how the programme works so that you can get the most out of it.
We recommend that you listen to each track once a day for a week, a minimum of five times, but you can adapt the listening to match what you need, e.g. twice or more a day or to listen to different tracks in one day. Listen to tracks 1 – 3 in sequence. After that, it’s not so important to listen in sequence. Feel free to pick & mix! The more you listen to a track, the deeper it sinks in.
You can go back to any track you have listened to before whenever you think it will be helpful. Most people have one or two tracks they find particularly effective. If you listen at the same time every day it makes it easier to be committed to listening.
Track length varies between 10 – 20 minutes, most are around 15 minutes.
As each audio begins with relaxation it is important to listen somewhere safe where it does not matter if you fall asleep. DO NOT listen if you are operating machinery or driving.
Definitely not, as long as you are in a safe place to sleep! In fact many people find that certain tracks help them sleep better. Shift workers have told us that it helped re-establish good sleep patterns. Remember too, that you can listen in the middle of the night, if you wake up. Just tell your mind to ignore the wake-up message if you want to continue sleeping after the track finishes.
Similarly, don’t worry if your mind drifts or if you don’t complete some actions when listening to the audios. Your unconscious mind continues to listen, even if you are asleep.
People describe feeling relaxed & positive. You may remember everything that was said on the recording or you may have found that your mind drifted. It doesn’t matter, either way your mind will have been listening & absorbing the positive messages, this can leave you sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, less stressed & worried.
Yes, this programme is given out to patients by many different professionals in the NHS, including nurses, doctors, GPs, psychiatrists, many of whom will also use the programme for themselves. We have had no reports of harm. However if you are worried or have a mental health concern or diagnosis please speak to your health professional before listening to this.
We cannot give you a guarantee, guarantees are good for machinery like TVs or cars but not for the complex workings of the human mind. Although many of our listeners find our programme highly effective, we cannot promise that everyone will find this to be the case, however the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.
The other modules Positive Ageing, Stop Smoking, Sleep Better, whilst sharing the same basic successful principles of the Feeling Good for Life PosMT programme, they are not part of the 12 weeks of this programme.
These modules all include the first 3 tracks of Feeling Good for Life, to give a good foundation for listening to the additional tracks, especially if you find it a challenge to relax.
The Healthy Body Weight module (currently under review & removed from the app) is not recommended for insulin dependent diabetics or for those with a body mass index of 21 or less. If in doubt ask your doctor.
Listening progress for each track is measured by the leaves on the stalk next to the track title. Each time you listen (up to 5 times) a leaf will become green. Listening progress for the module is represented as a growing tree, next to the module title.
You can also complete mood questionnaires, when you first download the app, at 2 weeks & again at 7 weeks.
A key study has shown that mental health improved significantly after 4 weeks & remained better at 6 months. Feedback from the Feeling Good App shows considerable improvements at 2 weeks.
Positive Mental Training has also been used within the NHS since 2006 to help patients & healthcare staff (such as doctors & nurses) recover from stress, worry & low mood.
There’s plenty of other clinical evidence too that shows how PosMT aids recovery from anxiety, depression & burnout & how quality of life can be improved.",
"Much research has been carried out on the Feeling Good programmes through the Foundation for Positive Mental Health.


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