Help Your Child Build Positive Emotions

Mental health and wellbeing in children are accepted as a vital part of growing up

Which is why we have tailored our Positive Mental training programme to fit the needs of younger minds. With active use the programme will increase confidence, build resilience and coping skills while aiding your child to deal with the ups and downs in life and feel good about themselves.



Globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents. Half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated.


Children who are taught and practise wellbeing are known to be happier, forge strong connections and relationships and with more confidence and concentration can achieve their potential at school and beyond.


Research has shown that adolescents who acutely engage with Feeling Good have improved abilities in managing their emotions maturely, developing and maintaining a good self-worth and an ability to deal with challenges they face after just 4 weeks.

How do younger minds benefit from Feeling Good?

  • Increased mindfulness & wellbeing
  • Improved self esteem & self-perception
  • Greater focus & concentration
  • Strong resilience skills & coping mechanisms
  • Better Relationships

Want to utilise Feeling Good for your School?

We offer a school package which will simply fit into any existing curriculum.

Download Feeling Good Teens & let your worries float away