5 ways to cope with your mental health during a pandemic

Next week is #WorldWellbeingWeek, so we wanted to share with you Dr Sheila Ross’s ‘5 ways to cope with your mental health during a pandemic’.


Dr Sheila shared these tips with charity donation app Sustainably during this year’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. We want to unpack these tips to emphasise the links between positive mental health and wellbeing, as we come out of lockdown.


1. Stop what you are doing and take three slow breaths – just following your breath, connecting to your body.


Mindful breathing is essential to the wellbeing of our minds and bodies. In order to relax our minds, we must first relax our bodies, and breathing is a perfect way to do this, any time, any place. Our breathing bear video can guide you through a moment of mindful breathing; give it a go now.


2. Make lists – I love writing down what I need to do, it seems to organise and declutter my mind.


Writing down your thoughts and plans can help to declutter your mind. Putting things down on paper can help you to organise your thoughts which, in turn, can work to help you calm your mind.


3. Go outside and take time to notice nature. I love noticing the small things, wind on my face or watching bees on flowers.


Nature is so impactful when it comes to building a positive mindset. Going outside and noticing sounds, smells, and sights can be such a peaceful exercise, and can help to ground you. Plus, getting your body moving, even by taking a short walk, can have huge positive effects on your mindset.


4. Interact with people – in a shop, or with your friends.


Speaking to other people can help to boost your mood and confidence. Talking about anything with friends and loved ones can help to make you feel good. In particular, talking about your feelings with friends, and giving them space to talk to you about theirs, can help to lift your mood and build stronger friendships.


5. Take some time out for yourself – read a book, or listen to the Feeling Good App.


Time for yourself is so beneficial, whether you’re actively seeking positive mental health time by listening to the Feeling Good App, or practising self-care through watching a favourite film, reading a book, or putting on a face mask. Whatever works for you, make sure to carve out time for this.

Find out more about the Feeling Good App, and how it can help you relax, in this video.



We hope that these tips will help you build a positive mindset as we begin to come back out of lockdown. How do you relax? If you have any suggestions that you would like to share with us, tweet us, share them with us on Instagram, or email Saffron@fpmh.org.uk if you would like to share them via a blog like this one.


You can donate to The Foundation for Positive Mental Health, among lots of other excellent charities, through Sustainably.

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